Some of the beneficial effects of steroids. Testosterone Propionate rewiews

11 Sep

Of course, steroids work, contributing to sports performance, and there is no doubt. In this connection, and we can talk about the beneficial aspects of their application. Of course, Testosterone Propionate, it is better not to talk about the benefits, because in the end it is questionable, and how steroids work by increasing your athletic performance. So that steroid users have reported subjective and objective observations show that in practice and in experimental drugs:

The growth of the power indicators

This is because chtopreparaty, enhancing protein synthesis in the body, increasing the thickness miofibrilnyh elements (actin and myosin) responsible for muscular contraction. Of course, this can only be achieved with concomitant heavy training and appropriate protein diet. Some force may be due to increase in increments of tissue leverage effect of increasing cell volume of fluid (sarcoplasm), and the total water retention. This force is temporary, of course, especially if the athlete to compete clears the water, trying to get in the weight class. Some authors point to the effect of reducing the splitting of muscle protein, as a result of heavy training. Buy Testosterone Propionate.

The increase in muscle volume

This phenomenon stems from the previous one. The growth of myofibrils and sarcoplasmic increase in volume are the main factors responsible for the increase in muscle. Of course, all these changes can only take place under heavy training and appropriate nutrition, legal Testosterone Propionate. Another possible factor that leads to increased amounts of muscle – the effect of increasing blood volume. It was shown that within two to three weeks after initiation of therapy anabolic steroids total blood volume increases by 10-20%.

Reducing the pain caused by arthritis and tendinitis

This impact has been and is a clinical indication for the use of anabolic drugs in medical practice. This is confirmed by many athletes to use drugs, Testosterone Propionate effects.

Reducing the percentage of body fat

This effect was observed, although it is unclear by what mechanism it could happen. Some experts attribute this phenomenon to the account of the release of high amounts of free fatty acids and use them as a source of energy during intense muscular work. Buy Testosterone Propionate online.

Strengthening of the respiratory (breathing) the pace and stamina

There is reason to believe that the use of anabolic agents in increasing the number of mitochondria in muscle cells, whereby the cells receive an increased ability to utilize oxygen during heavy training, thereby enhancing endurance and in total. Perhaps more significant is the fact that increases the level of cortisol (stress hormone) produced by the adrenal glands, Testosterone Propionate for sale. Some authors also point to the increasing level of hemoglobin in the blood (the main kislorodotraksportny factor), which also increases stamina.

Increased muscle vascularity

It is believed that a slight increase in blood pressure that accompanies the use of steroids causes this affect the expansion of the lumen of blood vessels.

This, of course, improves blood flow to the working muscles, which is a favorable factor. Psychologically, it feels like a better filling of the muscles, and it is a steroid-pumped. Besides the obvious cosmetic effect of the pump, it is able to increase muscle performance. Buy Testosterone Propionate online.

Why newcomers are growing rapidly? How to use Testosterone Propionate

11 Sep

Why newcomers are growing rapidly. Why such rate of progress becomes impossible without the further use of farmpodderzhki? What changes for athletes with experience, a factor in the growth of muscle mass, allowing novice users to quickly and easily gain weight? As a rule, only the novice who came into the hall in a few months, Testosterone Propionate, a variety of programs are gaining relatively good amount of muscle mass.

For an athlete with a lot of experience, not using drugs to build muscle, increase in 2-3kg per month – it’s even a good result, whereas for the beginner – the usual. It can be assumed that the main reason for this is an anabolic effect of insulin, which is the average level in this period increases significantly due to increased food intake and increase energy intake in general Testosterone Propionate effects.

Insulin – a hormone produced by the pancreas. Insulin action is to lower blood sugar levels, creating the conditions for its accumulation in the liver, muscles and fat depots. The greater the concentration of sugar in the blood, the higher will be the level of insulin, and, conversely, the lower the concentration of sugar in the blood, the lower the level of insulin. Buy Testosterone Propionate.

Another feature is its regulation of the balance of synthesis and breakdown of protein structures in the muscle cell. High insulin levels shifts the balance towards the predominance of synthesis, low – towards disintegration. Therefore, a necessary (but not sufficient) condition for achieving a positive balance of protein structures in the muscle is elevated levels of insulin.

Often, athletes continued to occupy for the same schemes, in a year find themselves on a training plateau. muscle growth almost stopped. The reason for this lies in the adaptation of cellular receptors in muscle cells to a new (higher) level of insulin, legal Testosterone Propionate. As a result of synthesis and breakdown leveled balance of protein structures of muscle cells, and to achieve a positive balance is becoming more difficult.

There are instances when, after long breaks in employment athletes to quickly restore the form and continued to progress rapidly in weight and working weights. An important role in this is the fact that during the break, as a rule, significantly reduced calorie diet, Testosterone Propionate for sale. The body in this time succeeds to adapt to low levels of insulin. With the resumption of training increase the level of insulin-induced increase in caloric intake, it is to muscle receptors significantly above the level to which they had to adapt. Insulin is beginning to show its anabolic properties, shifting the balance of synthesis and breakdown of protein structures of muscle cells in the direction of synthesis. Buy Testosterone Propionate online.


There are two ways to avoid adaptation of the muscle cells to high levels of insulin. First – constantly improve the quantity and calorie of food consumed, causing a further increase in its level. The disadvantages of this method are the limited capacity of a healthy person to overeating, as well as the fact that a significant portion eaten will be accumulated in the fat depot, Testosterone Propionate. The second method is to perform deadaptatsii periods to high levels of insulin, or in other words, adaptation to low insulin. By lowering the average level of insulin in the blood long enough, the muscle cell receptors adapting to the new (reduced) level, which is already perceived as a base. Of course, that the balance of synthesis and decay of protein structures in the muscle cells will move towards disintegration. However, as well as protein synthesis, the decay process starts not unnecessarily, Testosterone Propionate order.

The need for protein synthesis is an attempt to restore the integrity of the internal environment of the muscle cell. For example, the healing of micro traumas (protein structures of muscle cells), applied to training. For the decay of protein structures as necessary, Testosterone Propionate can act as a strong and long-term lack of blood sugar or the lysis (destruction) damaged in training protein structures. If avoiding mikrotravmirovaniya (protein structures of muscle cells) in training and maintain the minimum required level of blood sugar, the decay process can not begin. Quite a challenge in reducing caloric intake is to maintain the minimum required (to the body has not started to use muscle protein as energy) level of blood sugar. It can be solved, if the reduction carried out slowly and gradually. Buy Testosterone Propionate (primabolan).

Workout at home or in the hall? Testosterone Propionate discounts

11 Sep

The man has a serious experience in a good workout gym sessions idea at home eliminated. However, if you still ponder over the choice of the place, the material can be of great help in making the right decision. Understanding the simple truths deliver novice athlete from unnecessary thoughts, Testosterone Propionate.

Truth is the first

To properly train at home you will have to convert to the gym one of the corners of the apartment. Once some friends asked me to organize their training at home, Testosterone Propionate using. As a person prone to research I decided to go to meet them and at the same time an experimental way to evaluate the effectiveness of “home-leveling”.

For this experiment, his body was given three entry-level athlete at the age of 21, 26 and 29 years old. We have identified one of the corners of the room 18 sq.m. and to lay down a minimum set of equipment: two strong wooden stools, a bar with a set of pancakes 120 kilograms and collapsible dumbbells weights of 20 kilograms each. Buy Testosterone Propionate online.

The experiment lasted for almost eight months. several unique exercise techniques have been developed: bench press on stools, standing barbell bench with back support partner, feed rod on his shoulders to perform sit-ups and many other outlandish tricks. As a result, no one was injured experiment (but only because the exercises are performed correctly). Testosterone Propionate orderThen I sold all the equipment, available in their small apartment, the sea living space and sighed with relief.


Training under apartments will come into conflict with your living space and will require the help of teammates. Install any hardware clutter the room, thus exerting pressure on the master mind living in it. If you can afford to equip a separate room under the gym, the training ceases to be a “home” and becomes a “training session in your own gym.”

Separate conversation – from the novice correct technique exercises will? You are going to cause the coach to the house? Buy Testosterone Propionate!

Truth is the second

Absolutely all home fitness equipment and accessories for such training are advertised on television in vain waste of your money. Every time an experienced athlete sees the advertising of such devices, it starts to feel sick with disgust. As you exercise machine for push-ups coaching, judging by the commercials, buttocks muscles? And what emotions can cause a bodybuilding champion, Testosterone Propionate for sale, claiming that scored his tremendous muscle mass by three intricately interconnected rubber bands? Who said that a person is not able to convince myself ten times wrung from the floor, begin to regularly perform pushups on the floor using exotic simulator? Yes, some home exercise equipment does allow for some useful exercises. But these simulators is particularly cumbersome and again leads us to the problem with free space.

In addition, with a serious attitude to training, such equipment will no longer be effective just a few months later, legal Testosterone Propionate. Law progressive load quickly make human muscles too strong for employment in such a device.


With a contemptuous view turn off the TV every time there is advertising of such mischief Testosterone Propionate for sale.

Fat and hormones. Testosterone Propionate side effects

11 Sep

Where did so many fat people? Go outside and you’ll see a whole army of men, women and children who are overweight. Maybe before, and we met full of people, and now we are witnessing the global obesity epidemic, Testosterone Propionate. Why are these people suddenly became more? And what is the reason for their differences from bodybuilders and supermodels – modern beauty and attractiveness of the samples?

Scientists have identified about 200 factors that lead to obesity, ranging from problems with hormones and “fat genes” to stress-related disorders of diet. Numerous studies tell us good news and bad news. The good news – is that we are finally beginning to understand how hormones regulate the size of fat cells influence on appetite and metabolism. The bad news is that we have our sedentary lifestyle and poor diet confuses their hormones, causing them to get up to unimaginable things. Buy Testosterone Propionate.

Hormones help to control the fat content in the body

You fullness steroids online uk, when you get to the food more energy than it spends on metabolism and physical activity. It seems that to get rid of fat is quite easy – eat less, move more. Unfortunately, this is only apparent simplicity. Your body has a very complex system that controls weight constancy. When you lose weight, it comes into play, trying to return to the original body weight indicators. The same mechanisms prevent excessive weight gain when you overeat, legal Testosterone Propionate.

Cells, tissues and organs are always trying to keep the balance. Break it – and your body will oppose this in every way. Fat cells are no exception. They store fat. If you lose weight, they think that you are “robbing” them, and involve hormones help and various chemicals to restore the original reserves. These chemical controllers increase appetite and slows metabolism, which allows to make up the lost fat reserves Testosterone Propionate.


This is the main regulator of fat. Specific genes track fat cells and regulate it by means of appetite and metabolic rate. When you overeat, but with little move, fat cells release leptin, a substance that sends a message to your nervous system with a “request” to reduce mestanolone appetite and speed up metabolism. In the early 90s, scientists believed leptin major tool in the fight against obesity, Testosterone Propionate for sale. When administered to mice with excess weight, the animals lost weight. Unfortunately, with people, it was not so easy.

In obese people leptin level is often normal or even above normal. This suggests that the problem – to its receptors in the brain, buy Testosterone Propionate online.

Scientists have discovered at least another ten other substances that work together with leptin on appetite control and metabolism level. Insulin plays a key role here. Scientists even suggest that its problems can be the cause of inactivity of leptin in people who are overweight. Buy Testosterone Propionate online.


This hormone released by the pancreas plays a major role in the subcutaneous fat deposits. It inhibits the activity of the enzyme breaks down fat (hormone-sensitive lipase). Besides, it contributes to smuggle sugar in fat cells that boosts fat synthesis. That is why a diet high in refined sugars cause obesity. Increased insulin levels caused by the intake of sugary foods, Testosterone Propionate for sale, increases body fat by slowing down the digestion of fat and accelerate their synthesis.

Thyroid hormones, growth hormone, cortisol and testosterone

These hormones also play a significant role in the synthesis of fats. Adults often lose weight after injection of thyroid hormone, or growth hormone testosterone, especially in cases where the natural level of this was to low. Thyroid hormones increase the rate of chemical reactions in almost all cells in our body, but the main effect has on the metabolism, Testosterone Propionate order. Growth hormone and Cortisol accelerate release of fat from fat cells. They also cause the body to use more fat as fuel. Testosterone, the principal male hormone also reduces the fat content of the body.

Fitness without errors. Testosterone Propionate for sale

11 Sep

Many gyms, be it a luxury fitness center or a small room in the house around the corner, you can watch the same mistakes made by women, buy Testosterone Propionate. And then what? And then … they have a clear conviction that the training in the gym absolutely useless for figures .. that the “hardware” – only for men .. that month “permanent” training threatens the appearance of unwanted and huge muscles … The result of these errors – oath promise not to cross the threshold of a gym. What factors can turn the situation to another, beneficial to the female body, side? Buy Testosterone Propionate!

By her own

It is said that bodybuilding – a sport of individuals. This also applies to women who have come to the gym to get in shape. It is not necessary to collect the company of close friends and not so. You will be distracted by conversations, rather than to focus on the exercises, Testosterone Propionate. And for spiritual conversation, and you can just forget what you are, in fact, come into the hall. Talk better coach. And just in case.

goal Setting

Before the first going to the health club, you need to decide what you want to get from school. And do not hesitate to tell the coach that will make your training program. After all, while “clean here,” and “add here” you obviously will not work. Be prepared for a phased and continuous operation, Testosterone Propionate order. But I want to assure you that with the right approach to training, you will be satisfied with the result.

Drawing up a plan of action

Ideally, the plan is a fitness training coach. But, if for some reason this is not possible, you have to very gradually learn the basics of this science. Fortunately, the literature that can help at this point enough. You should not be based on a plan of fitness of star glossy magazine, Testosterone Propionate for sale. You need an individual program based on the capabilities and features of it in your body.

Changing power

Without some adjustment Power Sports will not bring the desired results, perhaps, at first. You need to gradually change the way of life, and then the body will not only beautiful, but also healthy. Buy Testosterone Propionate online.

Patience and determination

Many women, after a short time is absolutely not throw intensive training sessions, citing the fact that changes in shape are observed. Be patient. You need to learn to resist the laziness, shyness and skepticism from others. Legal Testosterone Propionate.

Do not be shy

“In a healthy body healthy mind” – a good life attitude of the modern woman. Even if you’ve never played sports, even if your reflection in the mirror is poor – do not hesitate. All once we started. And your desire to change themselves and their way of life deserves only respect, Testosterone Propionate. And your first appearance in the gym – it’s the beginning of the road to victory.

Coach – who is he? Testosterone Propionate using

11 Sep

Let’s talk about how to be a coach of bodybuilding and fitness. Ideally, everyone who deals with iron, the coach should be. In vain the people who visit the gym, thinking that they are their own coach. Of course, bodybuilding is a very individual type of activity in which each occupy their particular body. But it also contains such concepts as the right technique of exercise, proper diet, and, in the end, just experience, Testosterone Propionate. An experienced coach knows what is not written in the books, it will not make the mistakes that beginners make inexperience. Take, for exercise equipment. In books and movies to learn the proper technique still quite difficult. Perhaps, of course, but it will take a lot of time that could be spent more usefully. But if the coach – it is so good, why did 90% of trainees are engaged on their own? And everything is very simple, they do not have confidence in the coach as a coach in their room running piggy bank or a small key and the sport has to do with very mediocre, Testosterone Propionate. The problem of modern fitness centers and gyms in the simple fact that most of the coaches is very low qualifications. And some of them even for a bodybuilding or fitness has nothing to do. This fault is not only the coach, but the entire system of education. It can not just pick up and learn to live it! There is an institution in which the passage of the three-month certificate course will give a personal trainer. But I doubt that within 3 months of study, it is possible to become a coach, buy Testosterone Propionate.

So trainers classification

Coach-Key – The man who opens and closes the hall. No harm, no good. I came, I discovered, had gone and closed – all. Most often found in basements and halls rocking average.

Coach, the piggy bank – A man collecting money for training. Very often it serves as a key. In general, the main function – to walk around the room and calculate who paid a subscription, and who is not. Also it works in affordable rooms. Buy Testosterone Propionate.

Instructor – This guy has some concept of what the sport, as some kind in his youth so engaged. He graduated from the Institute of Physical Education, may have some sports category (not more than CCM in swimming, athletics and wrestling). Found in unpretentious fitness centrum. Customer benefit little, but to show how the trainers can, which is not bad for a beginner.

Advanced Instructor – Education of physical training to engineering. Man has its own experience of weight lifting, Testosterone Propionate order. Or a former weight-lifter or lifter. Often the title has MS. Not bad know how to train a force because it has its own experience in this. But telostroitelstve grounded at C grade. It works in low-cost fitness centers or in the basement rocking. It may be useful for law enforcers – the experience of the thing is not replaceable, after all.

Coach-dealer – This coach can be a complete zero in bodybuilding and good spices, 50 to 50. Its main task is to sell as many sports nutrition. All the same, in what way, it is still one, legal Testosterone Propionate. The main thing – profit, all the rest does not matter. It has gab and knows how to convince. Of course, a valuable employee for the room, which works because brings good profit.

Coach-nerdy – Education or physical training or no. Experience of Work a small, little knowledge. But he thinks he knows everything and loves to talk on the subject of training. All the while handing out advice, 90% of which are useless, and some have dangerous. As a rule, it works in small inexpensive rooms. This kind of coach is absolutely useless, and sometimes even dangerous.

Coach for the species – Very big guy, probably acting on bodybuilding athlete. Has biceps under 50 cm and, in general, it looks very cool. He knows how to train yourself. But, unfortunately, can not teach others, due to lack of knowledge. Education often has nothing to do. Or has a specialty that is not related to sports. As a rule, it works in expensive fitness centers, because everything has to be on the highest level. Useful as podstrahovschika. It can also help those who are going to act on the bodybuilding competition (if he competes). Buy Testosterone Propionate online.

A good coach – Here’s what you need for a visitor to the gym. The man who was once speaker athlete bodybuilding or acts so far. With sports education or no, but with the experience of performances. It can give advice on how nutrition and for training. I have experience in weight gain and weight loss. It works in high-end and medium-sized fitness centrum.

Coach superstar – level Athlete world-class athlete, a champion and winner of international competitions. The well-known personality in bodybuilding, understands all the intricacies telostroitelstva. Education does not matter. Sporting achievements are valued much higher in this case. Training with them cost money. It is useful for the club, which works as attracting customers with their status. Mainly it is working in elite fitness centrum.

Coach-Champions – The man versed in all that relates to bodybuilding. Anatomy, physiology, nutrition, pharmacology, Testosterone Propionate for sale. It has a grand knowledge in order to prepare the champion. But the coach is not available to ordinary visitors. It works only with speakers promising athletes. Or gives advice to everyone, but a lot of money. It is only useful for those who have lots of money or for real athletes.

Of course, this classification is very rough and incomplete. All these types of coaches may occur in various combinations. There is still a lot of different coaches. And from the man himself, much depends. From the ability to speak, from the exterior, the nature and other qualities. All is not possible to describe. And, in general, it is not particularly necessary, Testosterone Propionate. There are coaches and women, which can also be as simple as attracting new customers to the club, thanks to the beautiful body. And may not be a bad coach.

So, it is clear that we need a coach using of a Testosterone Propionate. It is a good coach, without it progress will be slower. The ideal coach should have a good understanding of exercise equipment, nutrition, sports nutrition, and pharmacology (if it is a professional sport). Not very important as it looks, the main thing that would be working with them has been made. As well he should be able to explain what he knows. And the most important thing – to force the client to do so. After all, customers are still those gadgets. Not everyone understands the first time, that, for example, extension in the simulator can not replace squats with a barbell, but only complement them. Well, bad coaches do not even want to describe. Because of their many unrealistic. The only thing you can say about it is the fact that if the coach promises quick results and does not say anything about a diet, it’s stupid coach, and no good will not. One training the body does not build, even the most literate. It is important to everyone in the complex (room, food, and leisure). Buy Testosterone Propionate oxy anabolen.

What time of day is best to train? Review of a Testosterone Propionate

11 Sep

Vital functions of human opganizma nepazpyvno connected over vpemeni – it is known to all. We hope that information on human fynktsionipovanii opganizma for sytok pomogyt many spoptsmenam and tpenepam in spopte and life, Testosterone Propionate.


1.00. – Most of the people has finally arrived is able to sleep for about 3 hours. Sleep shallow. At this very Quaternary opganizma chyvstvitelen pain.

2.00. – Most opganov human opganizma, k.pome liver pitmichno slow down their activities. The liver is the same – pitmichno pazpyshaet toxic substances. Buy Testosterone Propionate.

3.00. – The opganizma rest. pylsa and respiratory rate ymenshaetsya.

4.00. – Kpovyanoe pressure is on the low incorporation limit ypovne. Accordingly, the insufficient supply of kpovi medulla. Many patients in this hour ymipaet. Human slyh becomes very chyvstvitelnym.

5.00. – Kidney ppekpaschayut urine, legal Testosterone Propionate. Sleeping on gpani glyboko and povephnostnogo. If a person pposypaetsya he chyvstvyet bodpym themselves.

6.00. – Kpovyanoe pressure starts to rise. Beating sepdtsa ychaschaetsya.

7.00. – Immynitet human opganizma ysilivaetsya. If it Quaternary try inficipovannyh it vipysny or pathogenic mikpob, Testosterone Propionate order, then with stopony emy opganizma bydet it is a powerful soppotivlenie.

8.00. – Toxic substances in the liver completely obezvpezhivayutsya. In slychae Reception of this Quaternary alcoholic beverages liver will experience increased nagpyzky.

9.00. – Hepvno-mental state is at the highest point. Sensitivity to pain decreases. The heart begins to work more vigorously. Buy Testosterone Propionate online.

10.00. – A man full of enthusiasm and energy, is in the best his physical (sports) condition and is very mobile, the most functional.

11.00. – Sepdtsa pabotaet in ppezhnem pace. Man can not be ystalosti.

12.00. – At the Quaternary man is in a state of high activity poetomy lunch pekomendyetsya not go your former than chepez hour.

13.00. – Liver a rest, some glycogen in postypaet kpovi. It appears easy chyvstvo ystalosti necessary otdohnyt.

14.00. – This hour is the lowest point of life opganizma for sytok. Human reaction is slowed down and weakened, Testosterone Propionate for sale.

15.00. – Opgany body become very sensitive, especially vkysovye and smell. Gradually pabotosposobnost restored.

16.00. – As part of kpovi yvelichivaetsya sahap, but it does not cause disease, that his sodepzhanie quickly to stable┬áTestosterone Propionate…

17.00. – Raised efficiency performance. Endurance opganizma increased approximately in only two paza.

18.00. – Chyvstvitelnost pain decreases. Activities nervously system slows down.

19.00. – Raised kpovyanoe pressure. Hepvno-mental activity becomes neystoychivoy appears on pazdpazhitelnost lyubyyu fines, reaching sometimes to temper. Buy Testosterone Propionate.

20.00. – Body weight reaches a maximum. Reaction opganizma becomes more ostpoy. It is noticed that tpanspopte drivers in Quaternary is less fall into avapii.

21.00. – Activities nervously nopmalizyetsya system. Increased ability to memorize.

22.00. – In kpovi yvelichivaetsya number of leukocytes (white cells kpovyanyh). Tempepatypa body decreases, Testosterone Propionate for sale.

23.00. – Opganizma preparing for otdyhy, the cells recover their fynktsii.

24.00. – Last hour sytok. If you go to bed at 22 o’clock, then one sees the most ppiyatnye dreams sibutramine bestellen.