Fat and hormones. Testosterone Propionate side effects

11 Sep

Where did so many fat people? Go outside and you’ll see a whole army of men, women and children who are overweight. Maybe before, and we met full of people, and now we are witnessing the global obesity epidemic, Testosterone Propionate. Why are these people suddenly became more? And what is the reason for their differences from bodybuilders and supermodels – modern beauty and attractiveness of the samples?

Scientists have identified about 200 factors that lead to obesity, ranging from problems with hormones and “fat genes” to stress-related disorders of diet. Numerous studies tell us good news and bad news. The good news – is that we are finally beginning to understand how hormones regulate the size of fat cells influence on appetite and metabolism. The bad news is that we have our sedentary lifestyle and poor diet confuses their hormones, causing them to get up to unimaginable things. Buy Testosterone Propionate.

Hormones help to control the fat content in the body

You fullness steroids online uk, when you get to the food more energy than it spends on metabolism and physical activity. It seems that to get rid of fat is quite easy – eat less, move more. Unfortunately, this is only apparent simplicity. Your body has a very complex system that controls weight constancy. When you lose weight, it comes into play, trying to return to the original body weight indicators. The same mechanisms prevent excessive weight gain when you overeat, legal Testosterone Propionate.

Cells, tissues and organs are always trying to keep the balance. Break it – and your body will oppose this in every way. Fat cells are no exception. They store fat. If you lose weight, they think that you are “robbing” them, and involve hormones help and various chemicals to restore the original reserves. These chemical controllers increase appetite and slows metabolism, which allows to make up the lost fat reserves Testosterone Propionate.


This is the main regulator of fat. Specific genes track fat cells and regulate it by means of appetite and metabolic rate. When you overeat, but with little move, fat cells release leptin, a substance that sends a message to your nervous system with a “request” to reduce mestanolone appetite and speed up metabolism. In the early 90s, scientists believed leptin major tool in the fight against obesity, Testosterone Propionate for sale. When administered to mice with excess weight, the animals lost weight. Unfortunately, with people, it was not so easy.

In obese people leptin level is often normal or even above normal. This suggests that the problem – to its receptors in the brain, buy Testosterone Propionate online.

Scientists have discovered at least another ten other substances that work together with leptin on appetite control and metabolism level. Insulin plays a key role here. Scientists even suggest that its problems can be the cause of inactivity of leptin in people who are overweight. Buy Testosterone Propionate online.


This hormone released by the pancreas plays a major role in the subcutaneous fat deposits. It inhibits the activity of the enzyme breaks down fat (hormone-sensitive lipase). Besides, it contributes to smuggle sugar in fat cells that boosts fat synthesis. That is why a diet high in refined sugars cause obesity. Increased insulin levels caused by the intake of sugary foods, Testosterone Propionate for sale, increases body fat by slowing down the digestion of fat and accelerate their synthesis.

Thyroid hormones, growth hormone, cortisol and testosterone

These hormones also play a significant role in the synthesis of fats. Adults often lose weight after injection of thyroid hormone, or growth hormone testosterone, especially in cases where the natural level of this was to low. Thyroid hormones increase the rate of chemical reactions in almost all cells in our body, but the main effect has on the metabolism, Testosterone Propionate order. Growth hormone and Cortisol accelerate release of fat from fat cells. They also cause the body to use more fat as fuel. Testosterone, the principal male hormone also reduces the fat content of the body.